Was a great experience in installing the first RO plant of my year, the first RO plant of my life. We met the principal understood the requirements , the students. This experience of going several times to the school reminded of my school days. After visits the capacity of the required plant was ascertained and the plant was installed. The day of installation was a memorable one. Will always remain in the good memories.. school students wrote an essay on clean drinking water, the school board was artistically done up mentioning the paani project, the teachers were present in full strength .. all this happened on a Saturday. Post the inauguration went to the school and saw students drinking clean water .. that was the ultimate happiness i would have attained! After this experience..we had installed 13 more RO plants in various schools in Chennai city. All the RO plants are like my children and keep visiting them on regular  intervals to check the functioning and usage.

Kirti Baheti

I was a part of this committee and we had a project of installing RO Plant in school. The process we went through in installing the RO plants from searching schools, coordinating with the principals, vendor, finalising requirements was quiet tedious. There was a day we went to school and installed the RO plant wherein all kids wrote about the importance on pure drinking water. It changed my views and purpose for which I was working for the project. Seeing children drinking water gave me the satisfaction to my inner conscious. Today I enjoy every work involved in installing RO plants and in past two years I have physically, mentally and monetarily have engaged myself on installing of 60 RO Plants in different locations.

“Wish every child stays healthy and no one dies because of water related diseases. Pure Water is a birth right of every child.”

Can’t we all together create a better world for the generations to come and give them this basic necessity of life ???

Sushil Lalwani

Water is life. My joy had no bounds seeing school children drinking pure water after installation of RO in their school. I felt that all my efforts towards this project are worth it. Now a day, getting pure drinking water without packaged bottles is very difficult. The water which is readily available is with impurities. Installing RO in different schools was the basic purpose of project “Paani”. The moment I installed my first RO in one of the schools in Chennai, my life changed for good.
Today after many installations I would like to say that water for me is an essential commodity. We the committee members of “Paani” project would value water for all our life because we have seen the life without it and the difference which it creates when it is available in abundance.
Each one of us can make difference in the lives of children who are largely prone to water borne diseases. With “Paani” project, I am sure, the students studying in the school will be assured of their birthright of having pure water.

Rakesh Bohra